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If you want to develop urgently needed innovative products or new technologies in a successful manner, we think you need a holistic approach. Therefore, our R&D projects transcend the conventional demarcation lines between turbine manufacturers, plants designers and power plant operators.

Under the umbrella term ENERBIE-TEC, Enerbie GmbH runs a number of R&D projects. These focus upon the design and optimisation of ORC plants and one and multi-stage steam turbines.


Electricity from waste heat

Development and construction of a small ORC module


Mapping complete ORCs


Calculate single- and multi-stage steam turbines

Open to new things... and people

Since we have a passion for technology, we are always looking for new things to tackle. This is mostly about an improvement of existing and a development of new promising power generation technologies.

To increase our joint innovative power, we are looking for partners who have the same conviction and passion.

And we are totally open-minded with regard to what issue to take up or what constellation to choose.

Interested now? Why not get in touch with us?!