Conceptualise ➔ Develop ➔ Construct


If you want to successfully develop innovative products or new technologies, we believe it is essential to approach your field of activity as holistically as possible.

Our research and development projects therefore do not stop at the traditional boundaries between turbine manufacturer, plant designer, seal manufacturer, equipment manufacturer or power plant operator.

Under the collective term ENERBIE-TEC, Enerbie GmbH runs a number of internal R&D projects. The focus here is on the design and optimization of ORC plants and single- and multi-stage steam turbines.

As a technology-driven company, we are always on the lookout for new topics, for example to improve existing or develop new promising technologies for energy generation or energy use.

In order to increase our joint innovative strength, we are always on the lookout for partners who work on these topics with the same conviction and passion. We are absolutely open with regard to the topics or the constellation to be chosen for the orientation of the joint work.

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