With our in-house developed design programs “Thermo-ORC” and “Thermo-H2O” we are able to calculate and design single- and multi-stage steam and ORC turbines reliably and on a state-of-the-art basis using real gas models.

In addition to the turbine, “Thermo-ORC” also simultaneously models the complete ORC cycle. As a result, with only a few project data, such as the existing temperature levels and heat outputs, one directly obtains the most important key figures, such as: the gross grid feed-in, the plant efficiency, the power ratio and the own power demand. By directly integrating the detailed turbine design into the cycle calculation, it is not only possible to make significantly faster and more reliable statements about possible performance potential and economic efficiency, but also to optimize the combination of turbine and cycle process. If, as is customary in industry, the cycle process and the turbine are considered separately, it is possible to make statements about previously specified load points, but effective optimization of the processes is almost impossible, since all process parameters generally influence each other.

While “Thermo-ORC” is limited to single-stage turbines, “Thermo-H2O” allows any number of stages to be considered. It is also possible to consider a tandem set, consisting of a high-pressure and low-pressure turbine, and any number of taps or feeds, in one billing run. “Thermo-H2O” is not only ideal for designing new turbines due to its flexible design, but is also particularly suitable for upgrades and retrofits of older plants.

The reliability and accuracy of both programs has already been successfully proven in many projects.