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Software / Resources

  • Solid Works Premium (3D-CAD)
  • Solid Works Simulation (linear, nonlinear, transient, frequency, fatigue and thermal FEM simulations)
  • Solid Works Flow Simulation (CFD-Simulationen)
  • Madyn 2000 (Rotordynamik , Lateral- and Torsionsanalyses)
  • TH-Excel (water vapor table for Microsoft Excel)
  • EnerbieTH add-on (real gas substance models for Microsoft Excel)
  • Thermo-ORC (calculation and design of single-stage ORC turbines incl. complete cycle calculation)
  • Thermo-H2O (calculation and design of single and multi-stage steam turbines with steam or any ORC media)
  • Pressure curve static-dynamic (design of nozzle profiles for very high Mach numbers)
  • – ENUKKA (calculation of standard and special flange connections according to DIN EN 1591-1)
  • Prolia e (calculation of hydrodynamic plain bearings)
  • Plan 7.0 (creation of flow and logic diagrams and circuit diagrams