Since we design our turbines “from the ground up” in-house and have also created all calculation programs (exceptions: rotor dynamics, FEM, CFD) ourselves, we can react to all project-specific conditions without major effort and thus always offer you the exact turbine you need.

For the majority of common ORC applications, such as. :

  • Biomass
  • Geothermal energy
  • Residual energy use
  • Low-temeratureapplications (Tmax <= 110°C)

we have divided the power range from 50 – 2500 kWe into a total of four modular kits for single- to three-stage turbines and axial exhaust steam:


Type: Power Ranger: Nominal exhaust steam size:
TE 2- 50-200 kWe DN 150 – DN 400
TE 4- 100-400 kWe DN 300 – DN 500
TE 11- 300-1100 kWe DN 450 – DN 900
TE 25- 400-2500 kWe DN 800 – DN 1600


With regard to the sensible output powers, the modules overlap so that the right size can always be selected for the respective project. Furthermore, in our modular kits, the design rules are standardized and not, as was previously the case, the decisive housing geometries. This makes it possible to design each of the four turbine types with different nominal exhaust steam  widths and additionally project-specific housing dimensions without leaving the standard

In contrast to the industrial standard, where the housing dimensions are almost completely standardized and leave hardly any freedom, this allows us to focus entirely on the long-term efficiency advantage. We thus combine the advantages of a specially adapted special design with the advantages of a fast and safe standard product

We are also happy to offer you the exact turbine for all other applications and power sizes. With regard to the working media (steam and ORC), output powers, inlet and outlet steam positions, additional extraction and or induction and the like, we are open.