Apparatus and Fittings

Our two main fields of activity, the mathematical tightness and strength verification of sealing joints on apparatus and pipelines and turbine construction, have large overlaps with apparatus and valve construction. In addition, we have in-depth know-how in the design, calculation and manufacture of steam valves.

Through the combined use of analytical strength calculations, FEM and CFD simulations, we are able to evaluate both the function (valve characteristics, matching and selection of a suitable actuator, resulting deflection and displacements, internal leakage, etc..) and the strength properties for most pressure vessels, apparatus, piping, valves and turbine housings.

Our expertise here relates primarily to the structural mechanics part, but also extends to the analysis / investigation of the process engineering properties (e.g. simulations of the material flows and temperature distributions).

Applied standards and guidelines are among others:

  • DIN EN 1591-1
  • AD-2000 B series
  • AD-2000 S4 (stress evaluation of FEM simulations by means of stress categorization)
  • DIN EN 13445
  • DIN EN 13480


  • ASME BPVC, SECTION VIII, Division 2, 4.16 (bolted flange joints- “Taylor Forge”)
  • ASME PBVC, SECTION VIII, Division 2, Part 5 (Alternative Rules, stress evaluation of FEM Simulations using stress categorization)
  • ASME B31.3 (Industrial piping)